ENERGOINVEST SUE dd is the authorized partner and only service center for the company Eaton Powerware UPS program for uninterruptible power supply systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. With long experience of more than 30 years of working with backup power supplies and UPS systems our company has achieved significant results and has become a leader in the implementation and maintenance of these devices.
Company Eaton Powerware is one of the largest manufacturers of UPS systems in the world, with a tradition of over 40 years in the production of these devices.
Thanks to new technologies, the Powerware constantly introduces new models of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS). A new generation of ON LINE model (double conversion) compared to older models or compared to most other models in the market hase significant advantages.
Eaton Powerware UPS systems solve all customers’ problems with power supply, ensuring a clean, uninterrupted supply of critical equipment. Whether you are looking for a UPS for use in the field of information technology, telecommunications, automation, health or finance, Eaton Powerware UPS models ranging from 300 VA to 625 kVA provide the highest quality protection for your equipment.