Company profile

ENERGOINVEST - SUE is a company engaged in the field of power supplies for more than 30 years. Presently it employs almost fifty workers, out of who 15 are engineers and 19 technicians. Most of these workers are company’s employees from the very start and apart from long experience in the field, have later taken training courses on power supply equipment of our partners.


The main mile stones of the company are:



A team from the INSTITUTE OF AUTOMATION AND COMPUTER SCIENCES,founded a factory of power electronics, ENERGOINVEST-ENEL, which organised 120 employees with more than 60 engineers. The factory had a rich manufacturing program including practically all power electronic equipment (rectifiers, SMPSs, UPSs, voltage regulators,…), all based on its own design originating from its own Design Department.


ENEL signs the Agreement with SIEMENS and SONNENNSCHEIN to be their dealer for high power UPSs and batteries in the market of Bosnia&Herzegovina.


 The factory is devastated. The remaining team involves in the coordination of company's (ENERGOINVEST-SUE) activities under war circumstances (mainly maintenance and service of power electronic equipment and project planning for post-war reconstruction). The Agreement with SONNENSCHEIN continues successfully throughout the war.



As manufacturing is not possible during the war, the company engages in engineering of power supplies with the equipment of world famous manufacturers.

E-SUE reaches the Agreement with BENNING, Germany, to be the dealer/service provider for their rectifiers and inverters.


E-SUE reaches the Agreement with Best Power/Powerware, Germany/US, to be the dealer/service provider for their UPSs.


E-SUE reaches the Agreement with FGWilson, UK, to be the dealer of their Diesel Gensets.



The company has privatized (5 owners from the management team). The reparation of a 4.000 square meters building has commenced, together with the manufacturing/assembling of power electronic devices.


The company has registered as Energoinvest SUE d,d..