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GEL dryfit technology

GEL dryfit technology

Complex GEL technology has been mastered only by the world's strongest manufacturers, where the leading position is occupied by the EXIDE GmbH group. EXIDE has been a manufacturer of both GEL and AGM batteries for over 30 years.

Here are the most significant advantages and recommendations of the manufacturer for the use of GEL technology. These advantages provide exceptional reliability and longer life of GEL batteries.

In the field of telecommunications, Sonnenschein (GEL) long-lasting maintenance-free batteries are irreplaceable. They are also used in public institutions (hospitals, post offices, etc.), for emergency lighting, for security systems, on railways, etc. In all places where a safe and quality power supply is needed, Sonnenschein batteries are an absolutely reliable source of energy.

Quality, reliability and economy of Sonnenschein batteries are the most important advantages of using advanced dryfit (GEL) technology. The batteries have an extremely wide capacity range from 1 to 3500 Ah and a long life of up to 18 years.

Resistance to temperature escape
Due to the larger amount of electrolyte, the cell / block itself has a higher thermal capacity, which makes it resistant to temperature escape. Namely, with AGM technology, if the battery is exposed to an elevated temperature, its internal resistance increases, which increases losses, and thus the temperature, which can lead to temperature escape and damage to the device.

Deep discharge protection
Due to the higher amount of electrolyte, with GEL technology, even after deep discharge, the electrolyte still retains enough conductivity to start charging. With AGM, it is not possible to start charging after a deep discharge, because the electrolyte has lost conductivity.

No acid stratificationi.e. changes in cell height.

Larger space between electrodes allows the acceptance of the "electrode growth" that occurs with aging

It is possible to use tubular plates that better retain the active mass between the plates.

Higher cycling power according to IEC 896-2. 

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