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Service and Support

ENERGOINVEST SUE is a company that offers a complete service in terms of delivery, installation, commissioning, service and technical support, in the warranty period, as well as outside the warranty period, we also provide original spare parts for a period of at least 10 years after implementation.

ENERGOINVEST SUE is completely technically equipped and has trained staff in all the fields of its activities. We possess a permanent stock of all necessary equipment parts and complete devices for servicing and maintenance. Our department for implementation and service uses state of the art testing equipment and equipment for service. We also own a vehicels for delivery, commissioning and servicing of equipment.

In addition to regular service team, an emergency team is on duty 24 hours a day for emergency interventions (banks, hospitals, telecommunication centers and Telecom Power Industry, etc.) Engineers from other departments can also be engaged for service purposes, if needed. According to customer requirements we organize trainings for staff who will be working, handling and maintaining of installed equipment.

Professionally trained staff with years of experience in dealing with power supply equipment, quality technical equipment and our stock with genuine spare parts and new equipment from our program, present a guarantee that we can fulfill all the requirements of our customers.

We are here to help

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