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Rental Range

The FG Wilson rental range of generator sets are used by rental fleet owners in a wide variety of applications where temporary power needs exist including telecommunications, manufacturing, events and construction.

The range of our rental generators ranges from 20 to 1250 kVA. They are very fuel efficient, easy to handle and robust to meet strict customer requirements. Galvanized sound insulation enclosures have excellent noise reduction for populated areas, are durable and strong to withstand the toughest on-site application conditions. Additional benefits with our rental generators are the expanded capacity of the fuel tank, its design that retains spilled fuel, as well as the availability of a control panel that allows measurements and protection.

Control Panels

Spend less valuable time getting to grips with the operation and control of your generator set.

We provide safe, easy-to-use control with a range of keystart, automatic, digital, and synchronising control panel systems and optional remote communications.

Transfer Panels

The comprehensive ATI product range, rated from 250 -1600 amps, offers a high level of functionality with a number of flexible upgradeable options.